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Neighbors Upset Over Racy Bed and Breakfast | News

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Neighbors Upset Over Racy Bed and Breakfast

PARKVILLE, Mo. — Neighbors of  the Romantic Getaway Today Inn say it’s for swingers and promotes affairs. The owner says it’s couples’ therapy and its no different from what’s happening at any other bed and breakfast.

“They come for different reasons,” said Janet Byers the owner and inn keeper of the Romantic Getaway Today Inn in Parkville. “Anniversaries. Honeymoons.”

Byers says she wanted to create something new and different. So, three weeks ago, she re-opened an existing bed & breakfast, a sort of getaway for couples.

“It’s all walks of life, and they choose the reason and we just give them a place to do it,” Byers said.

But the new bed & breakfast has added twists.

“My idea was to enhance romance between couples,” she said. “Either to rekindle the flame, start a flame or just generally get to know each other all over again.”

The four bedrooms are now filled with rose petals, chocolates, mirrored ceilings, swings and camcorders.

“It’s just things that open up a can of worms for fun amongst the couples,” Byers said.

It’s those racy items that has also opened a can of worms with the inn’s neighbors.

One of the neighbors saw a couple the other day with robes on walking through the yard to the hot tub.

“I don’t think very much of it,” says neighbor Virgina Ground.

Ground has lived in the quaint river town for 55 years. The inn is just beyond her backyard.

“We need to protect these children,” she said. “We need to protect ourselves. We need to protect our property and our property values.”

Byers says people should embrace the idea.

“Romance should not be something that is just for swingers,” Byers said. “I say romance should not be just for cheaters. If you add a little romance into your own relationship, you won’t have so much of the cheating.”

The neighbors, however, wish it would just go away.

“I don’t think it will last very long, and I certainly hope it doesn’t,” Ground said.

With all the attention the bed and breakfast has received in the past 24 hours, the inn has already booked four couples and had five other inquires. Byers says there’s obviously a need for something like this.


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